Start a Gift Circle

No Gift Circle close to you yet? Just start one yourself!

  1. Research a bit more about Gift Circles and get excited. Talk to a few friends about the concept. Write to to get in contact with some experienced Gift Circlers.
  2. Invite a small group of friends for a pilot round, where you together get to know the method of hosting and facilitating – and adapt it to your needs.
  3. Start e.g. a Facebook group called Gift Circle + the name of your town/neighbourhood (create a public group). Mail to and we add your group to the Gift Circle network map.
  4. Create a public event and invite more people!
  5. Keep on gifting, continue to explore new methods and get involved with the other great groups of the network.
  6. Once there is more than 15 people showing up to your circle gatherings, consider to create a new group in another neighbourhood of your town.